About Me

My name is Paul J. Staples and I love the scriptures. I loves to create new ways to see the scriptures and make information available to others.

How It All Started

When I was about 14 years old, I began to be more curious about studying the scriptures. My love for math and science lead me to study the 3 accounts of the Creation in the scriptures. Soon after, I became obsessed with the book of Genesis and started to make timelines and genealogy charts to help me in my study. Soon after that, I read the Book of Mormon through for the first time. I was a bit confused still about the order of the stories so I read it again and tried to make a timeline to get everything strait. I continued to love and read the scriptures until I read the entire standard works through.

Eventually I went on my mission and began to become even more curious and creative in my scripture study. I spent all my free time studying. I even asked my parents to send me the few projects I made before my mission. I then decided that I needed to be more thorough and actually write things down to remember them. I started several projects and loved creating new ways to see and simplify the scriptures.

I came home from my mission with loads of hard work written on paper and a few documents on a USB and went to work typing it all up, making it digital and more shareable. I would share many documents with friends but had no way to really publish anything for people to easily access. I finally decided to follow a mission friends advice and put the stuff online. I created scripturalprojects.wordpress.com to be that tool.

Ever since creating this website I had had more ideas and been more excited to study the scriptures for both spiritual and scholarly purposes and use it to get others excited about it too.