Numbers and the BOM

The Book of Mormon is filled with all sorts of numbers in the forms of dates, death tolls, symbolic or comparative teachings, etc. Numbers and other number-like vocabulary lie on every page of that sacred record.

What’s the point?

Numbers are a important tool used by the Book of Mormon authors to make the stories and doctrines of the book more clear and real. They help us relate more to some stories. Numbers emphasize the miraculous as well as the devastating stories and are essential to the Book of Mormon message.


I have done a lot of work on collecting and organizing the references about numbers in the Book of Mormon to make rhetorical patterns apparent. Lots more work is to be done, but what I have done is sufficient already for a thorough and in depth analysis of numbers and their role in the Book of Mormon.

Here I will include my main paper containing all the information I found as well as a few other documents that also went into this great work.


People Identified by Numbers

Dates in the BOM

Significant Ages Recorded in the Book of Mormon