Plan of Salvation Drawing

This is a drawing of the plan of salvation. It is not your typical plan of salvation diagram. Several features have been added to it in order to increase understanding of the plan:

  1. Earth centered: Mortality, the Spirit World, the Resurrection and the Millennium all are placed on the earth, connected by the Temple. This is to show that all of this happens here on earth, not some imaginary place far away.
  2. Tests of Mortality: several small pictures within the time of Mortality depict ordinances and faithful living to the end of our lives.
  3. Three Pillars: included here is a depiction of the familiar Pillars of the Plan of Salvation: the Creation, the Fall, the Atonement. The Fall is placed behind our Premortal Life because it was the means that mankind could come to the earth. The Creation is placed behind the Earth because it was the means by which it was created. The Atonement is placed behind the three Kingdoms of Glory because it is the means by which mankind will obtain those kingdoms.
  4. Lehi’s Dream: I chose Lehi’s Dream as a backdrop for the Plan of Salvation because it teaches us about where we are headed, how we get there, and how to not get lost along the way.


This is it