Journeys, Migrations, Voyages, Expansions, etc.

The Book of Mormon record recounts several stories of people travelling from one place to another. 4 different groups came to the Americas. Several journeys between the land of Zarahemla and the land of Nephi were described in the Book of Mosiah. Some traveled the land to spread the gospel. Many migrated to new homes.

What’s the point?

Study of all the journeys can provide insights into Book of Mormon geography as well as certain themes and lessons the writers were trying to communicate. Some journeys are symbolic and can be related to. People moving physically can be compared to moving spiritually. Often lands can represent spiritual states and provide deep, previously unknown insights.


This document is a compiled list of all voyages to the new world, large migrations and expansions, specific missionary journeys, and some other small travels people made in the Book of Mormon.

Journeys in the BOM