Bodies of Water

There are 17 bodies of water talked about in the Book of Mormon. They are a essential part of the story and geography of the Book of Mormon.

  1. The Red Sea
  1. River Laman
  1. River of Filthy Water
  1. Irreantum
  1. River Jordan*
  1. Land of Many Waters and Rivers
  1. Waters of Mormon
  1. Waters of Helam
  1. River Sidon
  1. Water of Sebus
  1. East Sea
  1. West Sea
  1. North Sea
  1. South Sea
  1. Great Sea that Divideth the Land
  1. Place where the sea divides the land*
  1. Waters of Ripliancum


What’s the point?

Understanding the geography of the Book of Mormon helps us understand the peoples and civilizations therein. It can also be fun to show similarities to real world geography as extra evidence supporting the divinity of the Book of Mormon and its message about Christ.


Bodies of Water in the BOM