Discourses and Addresses

The Book of Mormon is full of stories of certain characters speaking and teaching certain doctrines. Here is a list of who the individuals are and what discourses, speeches, and teachings they gave:

  1. Lehi
    1. Lehi’s Address to His Sons
  2. Nephi
    1. The Prophesies of Nephi about the House of Israel and the Words of Isaiah
    2. The Doctrine of Christ and Nephi’s Testimony
  3. Jacob
    1. The Words of Jacob to the People of Nephi
    2. The Words of Jacob after the Death of Nephi
    3. Jacob’s Address about Christ and Israel
    4. Jacob’s Confounding of Sherem
  4. King Benjamin
    1. King Benjamin’s Address to the People of Zarahemla
  5. Abinadi
    1. Abinadi’s Address to king Noah and his Priests
  6. King Mosiah
    1. King Mosiah’s Written Word to the People of Zarahemla
  7. Alma (& Amulek)
    1. The Words of Alma to the people at Zarahemla
    2. The Words of Alma to the people at Gideon
    3. The Words of Alma and Amulek to the people at Ammonihah
    4. Alma’s Cry to be like an Angel
    5. Alma Confounds Korihor
    6. Alma and Amulek’s Teachings to the Zoramites
    7. The Commandments of Alma to his son Helaman
    8. The Commandments of Alma to his son Shiblon
    9. The Commandments of Alma to his son Corianton
  8. Ammon
    1. Ammon Teaches Lamoni
    2. Ammon Glories in the Lord
  9. Aaron
    1. Aaron Teaches the Father of Lamoni
  10. Helaman 2
    1. The Words of Helaman to his sons Nephi and Lehi
  11. Nephi 2
    1. Discourse of Nephi on the Tower
  12. Samuel the Lamanite
    1. The Prophesies of Samuel the Lamanite
  13. Jesus Christ
    1. The Voice in the Darkness
    2. Jesus Appears and Declares His Gospel
    3. Sermon on the Mount among the Nephites
    4. Jesus is the Shepherd of the House of Israel
    5. Jesus Heals People, Prays for them, and Blesses the Children
    6. Jesus Institutes the Sacrament and Teaches about Prayer
    7. Jesus Prays, Provides Bread and Wine, and Teaches of Gathering of Israel
    8. Jesus Commands Certain Scriptures to be Written
    9. Jesus Teaches of the Name of the Church and His Gospel
  14. Mormon
    1. Mormon Comments on the Nothingness of Men
    2. Mormon Introduces Himself and Testifies of the BOM
    3. Mormon Speaks of Coming forth of the BOM
    4. Mormon’s Last Words to Latter-day Lamanites
    5. Mormon’s Discourse on Faith, Hope, and Charity
    6. Mormon’s Epistle about Infant Baptism
    7. Mormon’s Second Epistle to Moroni
  15. Moroni
    1. Moroni Teaches of BOM and a God of Miracles
    2. Moroni Talks of Sealed Plates and Witnesses of BOM
    3. Moroni’s Discourse on Secret Combinations
    4. Moroni’s Discourse on Faith
    5. Moroni’s Church Handbook
    6. Moroni’s Last Message

What’s the point?

The Book of Mormon is a record that teaches the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It teaches of God’s covenants with the House of Israel. These teachings are contained in the discourses recorded therein. Seeing a big picture of the Book of Mormon teachings helps us understand the role of the Book of Mormon and the role of each of the prophets therein.