Missionary Work among the Nephites

Preaching the Gospel of repentance is a common theme in the Book of Mormon and many occasions are recorded therein. As I count, there were seven “Missions” in the Book of Mormon along with a few other short comments of missionary work. These 7 major missions are as follows:

  1. The Waters of Mormon Mission
  2. The Land of Zarahemla Mission
  3. The Land of Nephi Mission
  4. The Zoramites Mission
  5. The Nephi and Lehi Mission
  6. Nephi’s Mission
  7. The Twelve Disciples Mission

What’s the point?

Its fun for readers, especially missionaries, to read about these almost as if they were modern day missions. Its fun to read about each mission, missionary, area, and investigator so that important principles can be learned and applied to their work.


Here is an Excel Document with one page as a chart of each mission, another of each missionary, another of each area, and another of each notable investigator.

Missions of the BOM