Why study BOM time?

I remember learning the Book of Mormon stories in Primary and the first time I read the Book of Mormon I didn’t really understand what was happening and when it happened. The whole book was a blur of stories. So the second time I read it, I decided to make my own timeline to sort everything out and suddenly the blur came into focus. I could see each story and how it led to the next and influenced the people of the Book of Mormon and illustrated the messages Mormon intended in his abridgement. The more I became familiar with the timeline, the more I began to see that these were real people and their stories are remarkable and teach one grand lesson about salvation. So many of those who read the Book of Mormon are confused by the chronology of the Book of Mormon and I feel if they remain confused they don’t get as much out of the book as they should.

The Book of Mormon is an ancient record of the inhabitants of the Americas and teaches men what they need to do for salvation. It is a testament of Jesus Christ, setting forth His gospel. The Book of Mormon is full of people and their amazing stories. Our ultimate purpose in reading it is to be uplifted and instructed spiritually. Studying the time in the Book of Mormon allows us to learn a great deal about the lives of the people, portions of the history of ancient American civilizations, and the central message of the sacred record. If studying the historical details of the Book of Mormon, you forget to keep this purpose in mind, you will not learn what you need to. But it is worth studying if it enhances that spiritual message the Book of Mormon contains and helps us relate to the people therein.


Well this is a big report of all the projects I made connected with the Book of Mormon timeline so you may all know how I went about organizing my projects and what I did. Check this out and the charts too! Very interesting Stuff!

Timeline Report and Explanation

Stats, Charts, Visuals, and Interpretations