The Prophet-Historian

He’s the man behind it all, the prophet-historian and namesake of the Book of Mormon. Mormon was one of the Nephite record keepers and was inspired to bury the Plates of Nephi and write an abridged account to come forth through the power of God. His abridgment became known as the Book of Mormon. Mormon provides us some information about his age and things that he did.

What’s the point?

From studying the life of Mormon, we can learn of when he abridged the plates, how long it took, what conditions he was in, and gain perspective into the record itself. The more we understand Mormon, his situation, his desires, the more we understand the Book of Mormon and its message about Christ.


This is a fun chart showing Mormon’s age as certain events occured in his life. He saw Jesus Christ at age 15 and fought in the final Nephite battle at around the age of 74.

Life of Mormon