Sacred Objects and Records

The Book of Mormon is unique among scripture in that it provides accounts of a series of sacred objects as they were passed down from person to person. These objects included:

  1. The Urim and Thummim (given to the brother of Jared)
  2. 24 Plates of Ether
  3. The Liahona (given to Lehi in the wilderness)
  4. The Sword of Laban (obtained by Nephi)
  5. The Plates of Brass (obtained by Nephi)
  6. The Large Plates of Nephi
  7. The Small Plates of Nephi

A few other objects are mentioned, but these are the most prominent. What happened to them and who were they passed to?

What’s the point?

Each of these objects was important to the Nephites and each teaches important lessons. The passing of them also illustrates to the readers the sacredness of these objects and the care that was taken to preserve them and their meanings.


Here is a chart of who possessed the plates and a desciption of each and what happened to them.

Passing of the Sacred Records

Sacred Objects and Records