God of the Old Testament

Jehovah is the name of God in the Old Testament and He spoke to Adam, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, etc. He was the creator of the earth and the God of Israel.

Many churches today debate concerning the identity of Jehovah and Jesus Christ. Some contend Jesus is the son of Jehovah, but in fact, Jesus Christ is Jehovah from the Old Testament. Jehovah was the Pre-mortal Christ. He was the one to appear to and speak with Moses on Sinai. He represented His Father and was God.

What’s the point?

It is important to understand the identity of Jesus Christ as Jehovah in understanding His role in the Godhead and in the Plan of Salvation. Jehovah Himself came down to redeem His people and gave His mortal life for all mankind. He descended from glory to the lowest of low.


Here is a chart of about 20 scriptural reasons why Jesus Christ and Jehovah are one in the same. He is the God of the Old Testament. Study these and add any scriptures that you think are better!

Jehovah is Jesus Christ