Book of Mormon Prophets Quoted Isaiah

There were 4 people in the Book of Mormon who quoted entire chapters of the writings of the prophet Isaiah. Some other quotations or paraphrasing of Isaiah is also found in the record. This is a list of the people who quoted chapters of Isaiah:

  1. Nephi (1 Ne 20-21; 2 Ne 12-24; 27*)
  2. Jacob (2 Ne 7-8)
  3. Abinadi (Msh 14)
  4. Jesus Christ (3 Ne 22)

What’s the point?

Isaiah spoke of the life of Christ, the scattering and gathering of Israel, and the Second Coming and Millenium. These were all important themes in the Book of Mormon and prophets often quoted from him because of that. Nephi quoted so much of Isaiah in order to teach his people of Christ and of God’s covenant with Israel. Studying these chapters and what the prophets were teaching helps us better understand these people and their teachings.


This is a simple chart that shows the chapter in the Book of Mormon that are quotations of Isaiah. It also shows which BOM prophet did the quotation and which chapters contain their explanation for using Isaiah.

Isaiah Uses in the Book of Mormon