The Order of the Scriptures

The scriptures are not all inherently in chronological order. The Old Testament is ordered by category of writings: (1) Pentateuch, (2) historical, (3) poetic, (4) the prophets. The New Testament is ordered this way: (1) The Gospels, (2) The Acts, (3) Pauline Epistles by length, (4) General Epistles, (5) The book of Revelation. The Book of Mormon is generally in chronological order. Doctrine and Covenants is generally, though not always, in chronological order. And finally, the Pearl of Great Price is a collection of writings that are temporally separate.

In order to read the entirety of scripture beginning from the Creation and ending with the Official Declarations, the scriptures need to be rearranged and sometimes overlapped. The Book of Mormon events take place at the same time as both the Old and New Testaments.

What’s the point?

When first reading the scriptures, I knew stories but I never knew how they all connected. When I put this calendar together and read the Standard Works in chronological order, things finally clicked and fit together in my mind. This is very important in understanding scripture.


This is a reading calendar designed so as to read about the Savior’s birth either on Christmas or April 6th.

Chronological Scripture Calendar