Gold and Silver

When reading the account of Alma and Amulek, one notices that Mormon inserts a explanation of Nephite moneys in Alma 11. He provides a list of measures established by king Mosiah.

What’s the point?

One might ask, why did Mormon put this information in his record? Analyzing the Nephite moneys can in fact tell us a lot of how the Nephite economy worked. It also provides insight into 3 important lessons in the Book of Mormon. First, we understand the strength in Amulek’s testimony in refusing money. Second, when Korihor accuses Alma, we learn how Alma did not receive even a day’s wage for his work in the church. And third, we learn a bit more in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount when He delivered it to the Nephites.


Here I have a simple description of how to convert between the units described, how they give us some insight into the Book of Mormon people, and an article that shows a scholarly analysis of the utility of the Nephite coins.

Nephite Coinage Conversion

Article about Nephite Money