Challenges to Making a Timeline

While attempting to make a Biblical timeline, many issues must be confronted or otherwise addressed. Since Genesis, and the Bible for that matter, is not a perfect record, there are certain gaps of information. Questions pop up like “When was Adam’s age counted from, Creation or Fall?” “Why don’t the numbers add up for the Birth of Arphaxad and the Flood?” “Were Shem, Ham, and Japheth born at the same time?” “Was Abraham born at the same time as his brothers?” “How long after Joseph’s death did the Pharaoh enslave the Hebrews?”

Resolving Issues

These issues can either be resolved by making assumption, or by using more information from other scripture or archaeology if deemed necessary. But for anyone wanting to make a reliable timeline, they must account for these issues.

What’s the point?

When we can successfully overcome these problems in the Genesis account, we can further make it real for us. Without addressing these issues, we make a lot of wrong assumptions that mislead us. Accounting for issues in the record of Genesis allows us to make steps closer to accurately understanding the early history of mankind.


Here I have a link to a list of problems that one might have in making a timeline of Genesis and onward. Also a link of my mathematical solution to the “Shem-Flood-Arphaxad Issue” and a timeline of the life of Joseph of Egypt used in making the Genesis Timeline.

Issues Faced in Making a Timeline of Genesis

Joseph of Egypt

Shem-Flood-Arphaxad Issue

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