The ‘Begats’

We all have read the book of Genesis and maybe been bored by the pages of ‘so and so begat so and so’. We just see lots of names of people that we don’t care about and don’t seem important.

What’s the point?

Somehow, everything is more interesting when we can see it rather than read it. I thought I would put all these names on a family tree kind of diagram. For me, this has two major purposes.

First, we gain insight into families in the early history of mankind. We can imagine Joseph and ask “What kind of relationship did he have to his grandfather Isaac?” “What kind of relationship did Adam have with his grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.? Was he a good grandfather?”

Second, there is a reason the writer of Genesis included these ‘begats’. Genesis is the first book of Moses and is really part 1 of a 5 book series. In Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, the same genealogy given in Genesis shows where certain groups of people came from, and their relationship to Israel. Genesis is giving background information for the stories contained in the 5 books of Moses.


Here I have a link of a chart I made of the family tree of those individuals in Genesis. Hope it is helpful to understanding Genesis.

Light green signifies descendants of Adam and Eve, Blue signifies descendants of Noah, Dark Green signifies descendants of Abraham, Yellow signifies descendants of Jacob, and Pink signifies women.

Genealogy of Genesis