Jaredite History

The Jaredites were a nation that thrived before the Nephites and Lamanites. The only information we have of their culture, timeline, and people is the abridged account provided by Moroni. The problem is, he says he wrote “according to my memory”. He doesn’t provide a calendar system they used to measure years, but he does provide a genealogy from the beginning of the Jaredites to the end. This can be used as the backbone of a timeline divided up by generations. So I made a comprehensive and easy to learn timeline divided into segments by who was the king and numbered each section. This makes navigating and talking about Jaredite history a lot easier.

What’s the point?

A comprehensive and useful timeline is necessary for two important purposes: understanding the people and their stories and having something to compare with archeological finds in ancient America.


Jaredite Timeline References

Jaredite Timeline Chart