The Chief Judge

Following the death of king Mosiah, the Nephites reorganized their government into a structure of judges and laws. Judges were judged by higher judges all the way up to the Chief Judge. He was in turn judged by lower judges. From the Book of Mormon it seems that the office of Chief Judge was both a office one was elected to, and one that was inherited. The office often passed from father to son.

The majority of Chief Judges of which we know were of the descendants of Alma and the descendants of Nephihah. There were 11 individuals named as Chief Judge. There was also a small period of time where the Chief Judge in unknown (between the reigns of the son of Cezoram and Lachoneus).

What’s the point?

Studying the government of the Nephites teaches us a lot about our day, and the issues facing us. When we know more about the functions of the government we can also relate more to their issues.


Here is a simple chart listing all the Nephite Chief Judges from the time of king Mosiah to the destruction of the Nephite government by the Gadianton Robbers. It also shows which and how many years they served and whether they were killed, died, or resigned.

Chief Judges