Confusion with BOM Time

Many people can get confused by the timeline of the BOM with all the different calendar systems and all the BC/AD years. This is a timeline I made by dividing the Book of Mormon story into sections of time, based on information found in the BOM itself. Based on the years it provides, I sliced up the timeline into little chunks. In some cases, you can see a year-by-year division of the timeline. If you want to know what happened in the 8th year of the Reign of the Judges its there.

What’s the point?

By breaking down the BOM timeline, I learned more to relate to the people of the Book of Mormon. I also learned to relate to the times that in just a few years the Nephites became wicked, sometimes the church failed in progress for a few years. I can relate to how much changes in a person and in a society in just a few years, so I can better understand the Nephites.


Book of Mormon Sliced Timeline