And it came to pass…

When reading the Book of Mormon it becomes clear that this phrase is used quite frequently in the record. Everyone wonders when reading the Book of Mormon how many times it says “And it came to pass”. The Book of Mormon contains a variety of similar phrases such as “it shall come to pass”, “behold it came to pass”, “it shall not come to pass”, etc. So here, I counted them all and provided a very thorough analysis of it so no one need ask that question ever again! Take a look!

What’s the point?

Counting the times these phrases occur is not really essential to understanding the Book of Mormon or its message. We do obtain, however, some perspective into how the ancient record was written. Its a bit a of to know that combined, all such phrases occur about once in every 5 verses in the Book of Mormon. This is not surprising because the whole record is a story, telling of events that happened and events that would “come to pass.”


And It Came to Pass